Charlotte Tilbury Stars In Your Eyes Palette


The SUPER STAR of CT Eyeshadows
I have talked in detail about this gorgeous palette on my blog, there’s so many things to talk about this but I’m gonna try to quickly mention the main points: – STUNNING UNIQUE shades and textures! Very high quality, pigmented. The shimmery ones super buttery and dreamy, the mattes so soft and even. Just SPOT-ON with the formula and texture

– IMPRESSIVELY LONG-LASTING (I did a test where I rubbed the swatches on my arm so hardly and they shawls wouldn’t smudge easily! + on my eyes I get over 12H of wear w/o it creasing, smudging or wearing off!

– GORGEOUS SPARKLY & HIGH-QUALITY PACKAGING (also makes a perfect gift for holidays :D) + I love that it comes with a magnetic closure, which is really handy with a palette of this size

– It claims to be a 4-look-in-1 palette but with this shade range I’d say it’s a 1000-look-in-1 palette 😀 It has a genius shade range in my opinion (at least for my makeup preferences and liking!)

-the only thing that upsets me with this palette is that it’s LIMITED EDITION :(( I keep my fingers crossed for this to become part of CT’s main line 🙂

All in all, my verdict: A MUST-HAVE PALETTE. Get it before it’s gone

It is sooo good I just ordered ANOTHER ONE! It won’t disappoint you guys get yours before it’s all sold out!

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